• 26Sep’ 12

    Vitamin for denying winter

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    AH WELL!!!Out with my summer wardrobe and in with my thermals all to my dismay! My idea of keeping warm is making sure I have those KEY LAYERS which usually consists of layers of multi-coloured satin scarves, t-shirts,tights under trousers or leggings and a cute little ‘Unpractical jacket’ and my ‘Pipin’ from ‘Great expectations’ boots (more of a look good and freeze ideology, which I know doesn’t make sense). I am not a very practical dresser, I try and make my delightful summer wardrobe crossover into my winter wardrobe (because I absolutely loathe winter). Thick jumpers and muted dull colours, only to depress you while you experience the gloom and doom around you…..well I like to shake it up a little (literally)

    I try so hard to bring summer into winter with as many colours I can get into one outfit to compensate for the lack of UV rays (we all need our fair share of Vitamin D to keep us fresh) I guess mine translates ‘Vit D’ for ‘Denying winter’ If I ever give in and start wearing full black (that rarely happens), my Mother is usually the first to ask ‘what’s wrong you? you never wear black’, with a discerning look on her face (slimming as black maybe it’s its a mood killer for me) I am a chameleon that refuses to blend in with its background unless stressed, then I turn to black.

    Someone that expresses an opposite perspective is Mr Cannon who loves wearing those thick woolly turtle neck jumpers and wrapping up like a Canadian lumberjack in the height of winter….he thinks its the most productive part of the year as it ‘pushes him to do more work’ haha well if you see David donning full facial hair then it is usually the case that it has been a very busy time indeed!

    With my conflicting wardrobe to one side, the Evoke team are brewing nicely this Autumn, with new and delightful projects to keep us busy enough to ignore flashing royals, attack of the falling trees, Badger cullings and teenagers running off with their school teachers…Its nice to have a variation of websites to work on such as recruitment , London bars,Civil engineering in conjunction with signage solutions for large and growing clientel. We are now in planning for extending our online services…..watch this space!

    So, put a brew on, its going to be a long yet productive winter.