• 19Jul’ 12

    Olympic torch burning through Brentford!

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    If you can’t beat them join them!

    As the opening ceremony for London 2012 creeps closer, we all can smell the ‘Olympic fever’ in the air…or rather the smell of the sweaty tourist that WILL be awkwardly pushed up against you in the tube or bus as you try and make your way into work….lets face it, Brits love to complain! its almost second nature to kick up a fuss about how much strain the Olympics will have on our transport services,roads,security etc etc. If you are not one of the lucky ones that will be emigrating over this chaotic period, then you might as well admit defeat and actually try to ENJOY it!

    I mean I personally don’t know anything about the GB team,you don’t seem to have your Linfords, Gunnels, Edwards,Jacksons even your witbreds, there just seems to have been more sports personality’s when I was a kid (ohhh I am showing my age now)….I am just seeing the glossy magazine photoshots of athletes talking about their appearance and physic rather then getting down to the nitty gritty….at the moment the adverts seem to be overshadowing the actual or potential talent that I am yet to see…Well I guess all will be revealed soon.

    On a lighter note the Torch will be burning through Brentford high street on Tuesday 24th July from 11:24 and all of us at Evoke (apart from Dave who will be in lovely Ireland) will have front row seats to this once in a lifetime event happening quite literally  on our doorstep.

    So wave your flags with complacency and get into the spirit of things…..lets hope the opening ceremony isn’t as embarrassing as the Boris Johnson umbrella carrying bus hopping monkey dancing sequence that violated our eyes in the Olympic hand over ceremony in China!!jeez lets hope not.